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Originally Posted by Hchris View Post
Ok understood, just out of curiousity, the Rules, Standards and Principles says the following:,_Sta...EARMS_Database

"Though we do list a variety of weapons in the individual movie/TV/anime/Videogame pages, that's just for the sake of being 100% complete for that page. With the exception of grenades (which we do allow), the only weapons which merit an individual page in the GUNS Category are any individual or crew served weapon that fires in a DIRECT FIRE role."

Tanks and such are Crew served weapons that fire in direct fire role.....

But sure you are the admin, I just find it a bit irritating?

It is just my personal passion to identify those military combat vehicles in movies. I can fully understand that this site has its Standards etc, but would it be possible to bend the Standards a bit to allow me to add those military vehicles?

May I proceed with 1) I proposed above for AT and AA guns?
I'm not making this decision on my own, this was discussed several times, and the decision was no. Please see here for more.

How many AT and AA guns do we have?
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