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Default What kind of jam is this?

What do you call the kind of jam where the front of a round goes into the chamber but the bolt doesn't go forwards all the way? Is it just a failure to feed or is there a more specific name for it? I ask because I have noticed it happening a lot in the most recent series of Strike Back with their P226s and wanted to call it the correct thing. Here is an example of the kind of jam I am talking about:

Also, it seems like this kind of jam disproportionately happen with guns in TV/movies, is it a side effect of being blank modified? My guesses are that it was either the blanks were more fragile without a bullet so could be warped out of shape meaning they don't feed correctly, the powder in blanks doesn't burn as cleanly or completely meaning there is a lot more fouling in the chamber, or the main spring is weaker in order to allow it to cycle blanks but doesn't always have enough force to chamber a round properly. Is any of this the case?
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