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Originally Posted by The Wierd It View Post
So one of my fellow admins on the Call of Duty wiki claimed it was OK that we were incorrectly referring to the CH-46 Sea Knight in Black Ops and Black Ops II as a CH-47 Chinook because, and I quote, "The CH-46 Sea Knight was not used in war until the 2006 Iraq War, the CH-47 Chinook however was used for Vietnam and onwards, as such the helicopters in Black Ops (Set during the Vietnam war and onwards) would be the Chinook."

I think Medal of Honor recipient Raymond M. Clausen, Jr., who got it by repeatedly running out of a Sea Knight into a minefield in Vietnam to rescue wounded Marines, is spinning in his grave right now. Plus that doesn't hold water when you consider we're apparently doing that for a game set after it was "first used in war".


EDIT: After being called on this his argument has changed to, in order: "The CH-47 was the main helicopter of the Vietnam era" (Apparently the Huey doesn't exist anymore), "The CH-47 is a cargo carrier and the CH-46 isn't", since apparently the fact the Sea Knight gets used for VERTREP doesn't count, and "The CH-47 can carry more", which is stupid since in game it's not shown carrying anything bigger than a small crate.
You expect way too much out of the average CoD fan.
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