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So one of my fellow admins on the Call of Duty wiki claimed it was OK that we were incorrectly referring to the CH-46 Sea Knight in Black Ops and Black Ops II as a CH-47 Chinook because, and I quote, "The CH-46 Sea Knight was not used in war until the 2006 Iraq War, the CH-47 Chinook however was used for Vietnam and onwards, as such the helicopters in Black Ops (Set during the Vietnam war and onwards) would be the Chinook."

I think Medal of Honor recipient Raymond M. Clausen, Jr., who got it by repeatedly running out of a Sea Knight into a minefield in Vietnam to rescue wounded Marines, is spinning in his grave right now. Plus that doesn't hold water when you consider we're apparently doing that for a game set after it was "first used in war".


EDIT: After being called on this his argument has changed to, in order: "The CH-47 was the main helicopter of the Vietnam era" (Apparently the Huey doesn't exist anymore), "The CH-47 is a cargo carrier and the CH-46 isn't", since apparently the fact the Sea Knight gets used for VERTREP doesn't count, and "The CH-47 can carry more", which is stupid since in game it's not shown carrying anything bigger than a small crate.
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