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Last time I shot Center Axis Relock was with a Taurus 9mm 1911 and I noticed no change in group size with weaver and CAR.

Trigger always gets me, a longer heavier pull i pull muzzle off target. So a sig dak trigger is hoot poor, a nice 1911 i shot nice. I like to squeeze, bang.
What you want to do is have a steady pull straight back, don't let off or slow down if your sights go off target, just bring it back up while pulling back still. I learned to shoot handguns with a Daisy Semi auto CO2 pistol with a heavy (8 lbs I think?) trigger that was long and thats how I learned to shoot handguns, self taught. The best way to learn to shoot handguns is to start off with double action, if you learn to shoot that first, you can shoot anything.

Dry fire really helps aswell, pick a "target" with your unloaded gun and pull the trigger while doing your best to keep the sights alinged and as you get better, pull the trigger faster.
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