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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
If you want to get your ass kicked by the guys with gas blow back or electric automatic rifles. I was the kind of guy that goes full camo, vests, dump pouches, 10 magazines and a sidearm with 2 extra mags for that. And I did use my sidearm every so often, or toss it to a buddy who's out of ammo and doesn't have one.
I didn't play that often, but I always found sidearms to be too unwieldy. Maybe I just needed a better holster, but I found that it was too hard to run around with my WA Beretta 92FS bouncing around on my right thigh.

I always went in light as possible - BDUs, cheap Pantac vest and PASGT helmet replica, stock Tokyo MP5A3 with Surefire grip (sometimes my M16A2), eight mags (which I usually carried in pouches across my vest and in my belt), pretty much nothing else. My first two skirmishes ever, I would carry my Beretta in a cheap thigh holster I bought at a gun show, but eventually decided it wasn't worth the weight.

I usually got killed before I could use it, anyway. I discovered pretty quickly that urban Tigerstripe BDUs made me too visible in the woods when there are a lot of thick (brown) trees around and not enough foliage.
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