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Default Les Baer UTC 1911

Shot 300+ rounds through it. During the first 150 rounds, it had two failures to feed on the last round. The rounds would feed about 3/4" of the way and that would be it. The first time it happened it was on the 3rd or 4th mag so it wasn't dirty. The second time it was on my last mag so it pretty dirty by then. I then cleaned the bore out and feed ramp. Loaded up another 150. Had two failures again. Instead of the last round it was the second to last round. The other time was with a full loaded mag, chambered the first round about half way.

It would have been nice not have any problems. But I knew going in to expect some. The slide is LOT easier to pull back now, seems to a bit smoother too. I figure maybe 200 more rounds and it will be fully broken in. Hopefully I won't have anymore problems.
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