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Whether by coincidence or design, the cover started to blue an old Willie Nelson song as Jake led Nicole on to the dance floor. Even Kevin, his old Guard buddy, was slow dancing with the same sorority girl. Jake expertly placed his hand on the small of Nicole's back, low enough to be intimate, but not too low as to be vulgar.
"So did the Army teach you to dance?" Nicole asked, pleasantly surprised by Jake's gracefulness.
"Actually, Mrs Lewis did at Cotillion every Tuesday afternoon from four to six during fifth grade."
"Oh, so you did cotillion, huh?"
"Yep. Cotillion, golf, polo, Boy Scouts, and the rifle team." Jake replied, generally he was uneasy discussing his hobbies, for they marked him as somewhat wealthy, which his family indeed was, but something about Nicole made him want to talk.
"Oh, good. Then you want be off put when I tell you I just had my deb ball."
Jake stifled a laugh.
"No, not at all, would you believe my sister's deb ball was the first time I wore my mess dress?"
"What's mess dress?" Nicole asked. Before Jake could reply, the song ended.
"Well, tell you what, let's find a booth and I'll tell you."
"You owe me a drink first, soldier boy."
"A Scout is trustworthy."
I like to think, that before that Navy SEAL double tapped bin Laden in the head, he kicked him, so that we could truly say we put a boot in his ass.
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