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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Interesting. Your Dad's gun wasn't by chance one of the very early models which had the magazine release button on the lower part of the grip, rather than near the trigger guard? (The first one I owned was the older style, because it was a mid-80s model.)

Here's my new(er) PT92, photographed, once again, on my yoga mat:

It was one of the early ones with the heel release and the rounded trigger guard (found an old picture of shooting it along with our old Colt SP101). He purchased it from another officer who was also an FFL. I don't know where Chuck found it at. Both Chuck and dad are now gone so it will always remain a mystery. I shot it more often then the Colt Commander due to 9mm being more affordable. Perhaps it is because of my positive experience with the Taurus that I have always been fond of the Beretta 92FS. Back in my Army days guys would badmouth the Beretta constantly. I never had any heartburn with it. But I think it's the nature of soldiers to constantly bitch about their weapons no matter how good they are.
Dad was in the Air Force (military police) in the sixties and he heard many an airman griping about the 1911A1. It never changes.

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