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I just recently bought a PS3 to quell my desire to play all things Metal Gear Solid (because I'm a huge fan of the series).

I've now played and beaten MGS4 around 20 times, unlocked just about everything the game has to offer, and sadly am starting to get bored with it.

What pissed me off initially buying the PS3 is that the new ones aren't backwards compatable with PS1/PS2 games like the old ones were. Apparantly it costs too much money for Sony, so they got rid of the backwards compatability, and that's why they're only $299 now instead of $600-$500. Since I own MGS1 through 3, and my ancient 1st gen PS2 is dead, I can't play these games. But at least now I have a bluray player for when DVDs die out in a couple of years.

I might be able to get the "newer" gen PS2 for a decent cheap price from a friend. Apparantly they are releasing MGS2, MGS3, and MGS Portable Ops all converted to HD console playing for the PS3, but honestly I don't want to spend so much money to buy games I already have, except now have saved data on my fossilized memory cards be completely useless.

Oh, and they're also releasing a new MGS game that fills in the gap of what happened to Raiden between MGS2 and MGS4, and it's supposed to be a mix of lots of limb-hacking fun with ninja swords, and traditional stealth gameplay. But this one will be for both Xbox 360 and PS3. Because the game makers really got to pour salt in my wounds.
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