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No one is keeping anyone from doing a page for Reindeer Games. Remember we all do as much as we can (and have time for). Personally if you see a page that seems 'weak' or ridiculous, don't blame the admins or membership.

We keep on getting new pages created when we're still behind in fixing all the existing or orphaned pages.

I'm almost tempted to ask for a MORATORIUM on new entries until we fix all the blank (or terribly done) pages. But members keep creating more and more new pages.

Now we're getting more and more international members and we'll be seeing a lot more obscure foreign (and foreign language) films. Personally, unless those members start screencapping their movie(s) (especially if we can't get it in the US) then they should not make a page for it.

So if you see a page you feel is appropriate for this site, then by all means, create it.
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