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Originally Posted by ryantherebel View Post
Not to mention it might be John Frankenheimer's weakest film. I'm mean this John "Ronin" Frankenheimer we're talking about here.
Haha, yes, I totally forgot that he directed this movie. That dude had a LOT of ups and downs in his career. Sad that he had to end it with movies like "Reindeer Games". But I'll always respect him for the great ones like "Ronin".

Originally Posted by Blix666 View Post
there are plenty of movies listed on here that are weaker than Reindeer Games. i won't get into trying to list them all, but from what i can tell, how good a movie is shouldn't be what determines whether or not it gets listed being that it's all a matter of personal opinion, the movie's got a lot of gun-play in it and more different guns in it than a lot of the movies that are listed.
I never said that anyone's personal opinion should influence which movies get listed and which ones don't. Indeed, you are correct that there are a lot of terrible movies that are listed on IMFDB (like "2 Fast 2 Furious", which I did myself, even though I think it's a terrible movie). I'm just trying to explain to you why it is that most people on this site won't feel inclined to do a page for "Reindeer Games". While I don't speak for everyone on here, I personally have relatively limited money to spend on buying/renting movies, so I tend to do movies that I liked or (at a minimum) have action scenes/gunplay I like. "Reindeer Games" doesn't happen to be one of those movies, so I don't feel the need to work on a page for it.

If you own the DVD of this movie and want to do a page, that's fine by me, I won't stop you. And likewise, if anyone else wants to do a page for this movie, that's fine by me.

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