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Originally Posted by HKFan View Post
I can't be certain but I think Vltor makes all theses accessories. On there website they only show pictures of black rail systems aside from their stocks. I only know this because of editing 24 Season 7 on a custom mk18 with a vltor stock. I think these are all OD green colors.
The Rail isn't Vltor. ARM-R rail system are standard in LWRC rifles, I believe. Double check with the people on

In both picture the rail and the stock aren't made by Vltor. In both picture the stock are Magpul CTR.

In the first picture the pistol grip are Magpul MOE. Second picture EGO Grip.

Both vertical forgrip are Tango Down.

First picture is standard GI magazine. Second picture is Magpul PMag.

Both rail covers are Tango Down.

Both have Eotech.

I do not know what rear BUIS they have on. It looks like fix and not folding.

Not sure about the flashlighs.

Not sure about the flash muzzle or suppressor.
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