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I posted this in the gun humor thread, but I think that it also fits here.

After the movie "La Femme Nikita" came out, my brother in law just had to buy a Desert Eagle for my sister. My five foot four sister. In .44 magnum. With a silver finish.

I never liked it, being left handed the placement of the levers was very uncomfortable for me, and the grip was just too long. It is a real horse pistol, too large, and too heavy. But my sister was frighteningly good with it. Especially as she didn't go shooting that much.

We were going shooting one day, and so were at the gun shop buying ammo. There was a guy looking at a blued .357 magnum model. My sister asked to see it, and the guy said sure. He then chuckled "perfect gun for you". My sister pulled the slide back and started yelling for the other owner, that this slide is easier to pull back then the one on her's. The guy's eyes got big, and you could hear him thinking "easier than mine!?" His eyes got even larger, and his jaw dropped when she pulled that silver behemoth from her range bag, and they went into the back to measure the spring force. He turned to the first owner, and asked "is that her gun". first owner, "yes". He thought for a second and asked, "Can she shoot it?" The first owner laughed and replied, "yes, and from what I understand, she is a very good shot."

Later a group of us were at a range. I was two stalls over from my sister, shooting my punny little .45 acp Colt Commander. I'm firing away at my target when...KABOOM! I see this jet of flame shooting out, reaching for my sister's target, as simultaneously I feel a wave of heat rolling over the top of the partition of my stall, and my target starts waving in the gale force of her pressure wave. I wait form my target to settle down, I start shooting, when...KABOOM! Lather, rinse, repeat.

We had people stop shooting, and come over to see who was firing the Howitzer in the range. It was wild.

When the .50 DE was released, we were at the S.H.O.T. Show, and the DE representatives told us that there would be a delay on the sale of the .50 caliber versions as the South Africans had bought the entire first run, for the game wardens they were told. They also claimed that the Australian military uses the .357 version, but I can't say so for a fact.

I found the pistol to be reliable, but it kicked like a mule! I would much prefer a revolver than a DE. I'm left handed, and the lever on the left side scrapped my hand raw. I find revolvers in .357, and .44 magnum to be much more pleasant to fire, not as bulky, and they fit my hand better. They are certainly a lot lighter! If they would only manufacture left-handed revolvers besides the Charter Arms snub nose .38, I do believe they would sell.

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