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Originally Posted by k9870 View Post
They make long barreled hunting models, and suppsoedly the gas system decreases recoil for the sensitve-to-recoil crowd. Other than that, why take a pistol with Questionable reliability over any magnum caliber revovler? I've noticed every local place has the DE50ae in the same place, all the way to the bottom, all the way to the right, out of sight, because nobody will actually pay 1600 dollars, not to mention it's chambered in 2 dollar bills.

BTW, MT2008, get my PM over at TFL?
Yeah, got the PM. Sorry I forgot to respond...

Also, is the DE really unreliable? I have no idea, because I fired only 5 rounds from the gun that I fired. I gather that it requires quite a bit of maintenance compared to most semi-auto pistols (which is to be expected from any weapon that's gas-operated, especially a pistol), but I can't imagine one jamming unless you limp-wrist it, which is inevitably going to be a problem for some people. The rotating bolt really throws the spent cartridges pretty far, plus it has such a huge ejection port.
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