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MoviePropMaster2008 03-17-2019 11:51 PM

Is there ANY WAY to sort our groups via ENGLISH LANGUAGE?
This might be a big hassle to Bunni. It might be an easy fix. I don't know.

But being that this is a US based site, I seriously WISH for the following:

1) The primary SORT in the Master Listing for all movies, television titles should be ENGLISH language first. We then have a non-english language listing for tv shows and films second. Why? I'm sick of sorting through tons of foreign shows that a) I'll never see and b) none of us Admins can even check for accuracy. We only have a few trusted members who are familiar with some of the foreign language entries, but who is going to check ALL of the entries? Do we double check other people's work? Not usually. But literally ANYONE from around the world can post a title, and put completely wrong information in it, and we can't even verify or check it. As long as it's obscure enough or in a language where NONE of our mods can understand.

2) The default listing should be US based or foreign titles that is actually available via Amazon or Netflix or streaming or even DVDs to American viewers, particularly the mods. Don't worry, we'll still have ALL the titles listed, but I'd actually like to see a set of ENGLISH language titles first, then we can have GERMAN, FRENCH, RUSSIAN, HINDI, etc as their own separate listings. Heck, when I'm looking for a foreign language film I don't want to SCROLL through thousands of titles just to get to what I'm looking for in the first place.

3) Our boolean search function isn't as powerful as, say, IMDB's. If you misspell the title even a little, our title search function won't send you to where you want to go. So lots of folks SCROLL through our master listing, which takes a long time. I'd like to clean up the organization of how we list films. We can add a category tag of primary language to the pages and then do a massive roll out of a NEW listing based on that.

4) the replacement of the language tags at the end of each page (as a new category item) can be an ongoing process. I'd be willing to spend time each evening just pasting the correct line on the bottom of the pages. Before you know it, we've tagged each entry, though it will take time. But we don't make ANY big changes until we've pretty much done all the existing titles.

Thoughts? This has been bugging me for a long time. I hope someone will at least consider this. :)

I look forward to anyone's input on this.

MoviePropMaster2008 03-28-2019 11:02 PM

No replies? No interest? No opinion? Really?

Spartan198 03-29-2019 04:10 AM

I honestly don't know anything about how this could be fixed, hence me not providing any input.

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