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The Wierd It 03-27-2014 08:03 PM

" Anti-games politician arrested for gun trafficking"

Leland Yee, a California State Senator famous for campaigning against violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto, has been arrested on Corruption and gun trafficking charges. The FBI conducted a raid of San Francisco’s Chinatown district and then took computers and documents from Yee’s office in the state capitol.

The FBI managed to catch the Senator out with an undercover agent who Yee thought was a potential buyer, during the meeting he let it slip that he had an “arms-trafficking contact” and went on to say that he “wanted donations in return for connecting an Italian gangster from New Jersey with an international arms dealer.” He even had plans to source rocket launchers and assault rifles through a Filipino contact.


It’s Ironic really, as not only did Leland Yee campaign against violent video games but he also wanted to push strict gun control. This man has probably done more harm than any video game, he criticized games like Call of Duty and GTA for having violent content and then turned around and supplied the real criminals with weapons.
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Swordfish941 03-29-2014 03:52 AM

How hypocritical.

Also, I hate dumbasses like this guy and Jack Thompson who say that video games are "murder simulators". There is a PAINFULLY CLEAR difference between using a gun in a video game and using one in real life.

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