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Swordfish941 03-17-2011 04:03 PM

Movies you want to see in 2011
I'll get the ball rolling:

Cowboys & Aliens: You get the best of both worlds from this movie. Plus it's directed by John Favreau, and hi films are enjoyable.

Friends with Benefits: They have already done this movie with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, but this one has a better leading man (if you doubt me, go see The Social Network). Plus it looks more raunchier.

On The Road: It's an adaption of one of the greatest 20th century novels. Plus it has a great ensemble cast with people who can actually act (Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, and the great Viggo Mortensen).

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: I've seen the Swedish version, and it is good (but not up to my expectations of the book). Plus it's directed by David Fincher, and none of his movies suck.

Sherlock Holmes 2: I loved the first one, and the second was has Professor Moriarty (Holmes' arch-nemesis) and Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock's smarter older brother).

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn: I love the original comics, and I think Spielberg is the only person who can give the books justice (plus it will make up for Indiana Jones 4).

funkychinaman 03-17-2011 06:56 PM

I'm more conservative with my movie dollar nowadays. Not only do I have more expenses, I've also got a lot more entertainment options (Netflix, video games, etc) than when I was in high school, where I went to the movies all the time. (George Clooney owes me eight bucks for "Batman and Robin," BTW.) Nowadays, I only go when a movie is so amazing, you're actually missing out if you don't see it in a theater, or as a social event. Since the girlfriend will be out of the country until November, it's got to be on a Tron or Avatar level for me to go. Otherwise, I'll just wait for it to come out on video.

Yournamehere 03-17-2011 08:57 PM

To me, Alien 3 counts as shit, so Fincher has made a bad movie, although I think he was pressured into that one. Justin Timberlake is not a real actor, at least not yet, he's the kind of person they would pick for one of those romantic comedies, and since it's based on a common concept (not necessarily copied from the Kutcher Portman movie) it has people and subject matter that are bland and uninspired and so I don't care.

Limitless looked pretty good though, and I wanted to see Paul out of loyalty to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (though they and Edgar Wright need to get off their arses and make The Worlds End).

k9870 03-17-2011 09:57 PM

So red dawn is re editing and digitally changing to make bad guys north koreans cause they dont want to piss off china.

funkychinaman 03-17-2011 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by k9870 (Post 26818)
So red dawn is re editing and digitally changing to make bad guys north koreans cause they dont want to piss off china.

Great, now Hollywood thinks we all look alike. And I'm looking forward to the explanation of how a country of 24 million, a few nukes and no blue-water navy conquers a country of 300 million, thousands of nukes, and the most powerful navy on earth.

k9870 03-17-2011 10:17 PM

They apparently spent several million changing the story. A press release said all chinese symbols were digitally changed to korean.

Excalibur 03-18-2011 04:22 AM

In the new game Homefront, it was the same deal. They wanted it to be China, but changed it to Korea because of Chinese backlash or something. In the game Homefront, they made a really detailed story on how this all happened. Starting in with the new Korea leader and a rise in military power and how the US economy is going down the drain, with the demise of the US dollar, oil prices rises to $19 for gas and collapse and unrest. Then before the invasion, Korea launched a satellite and it turned out to be a nuke and it sent and EMP that took out the US power grid and they invaded.

k9870 03-18-2011 05:54 AM

Homefronts different though, red dawn made it the chicoms and filmed the scenes, then changed, after investing time and money and having a bunch filmed.

Excalibur 03-18-2011 06:05 AM

Yeah, I know. Red Dawn, they were half down and decided to puss out because China being a bad guy doesnt really make sense now that we are kinda friends with them. It isn't like Russia vs the US cold war style.

Homefront, they changed it from the get go. The original story was China, but they changed it before the game was even made. Which worked out better. In, now it'[s going to be a rip off of Homefront because they did it first and did it well enough. At least we can call Homefront an unintentional movie game adaption that worked out.

Swordfish941 03-18-2011 10:31 AM

Guys, I the thread's drifting again, so please stick to movies.

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