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Yournamehere 11-19-2013 09:43 PM

Bought an Interarms Walther PPK in stainless steel. Not in the best shape, but I paid a fair price for it, and it wouldn't cost too much time or money to get the gun blasted and back up to 100 percent finish condition. I felt obligated to buy the gun after the shopkeep was such a bro to me in appreciating my knowledge and particular nature with handguns. The G rated version of what he said was that you have to be particular with "guns and women".

I can't seem to find a reliable source for Walther PPK mags or replacement finger rests, though. Anyone have any ideas?

S&Wshooter 11-25-2013 02:31 AM

Just puttin' the word out: there are a BUNCH of Manurhin MR-73's on gunbroker right now. Looks like someone got ahold of a lot of them

ColonelTomb 11-25-2013 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by S&Wshooter (Post 39981)
Just puttin' the word out: there are a BUNCH of Manurhin MR-73's on gunbroker right now. Looks like someone got ahold of a lot of them

I noticed that too; if I had $600 lying around I would definitely get one, I hear those things are nearly indestructible.

Yournamehere 11-30-2013 03:38 AM

I got 3 boxes of 124 Grain standard pressure Federal HST for the P228, one to fire and two to keep for carry. Got 2 boxes of 95 Grain Speer Lawman TMJ for the PPK as well, one to fire and one to keep.

I finally got my Ranger Belt too after nearly 3 weeks (better than the 4 week lead time on the manufacturers website, but still). I would be upset if the belt wasn't fantastic, and if LaRue Tactical didn't include a bunch of free swag including:

7 oz bottle of Dillo Dust dry rub

Beverage Entry Tool (Dillo shaped bottle opener, cute)

Business card with a very silly warranty anecdote on the back

10th Annual International Sniper Competition DVD

A quaint Happy Holidays card

3 Copies of the U.S. Constitution

And 2 Bumper Stickers that read "Extremely Right Wing" and "God Bless Our Troops, Especially Our Snipers", which I will not use, but appreciate

I am literally a set of grips and a range trip away from making the P228 a useable EDC gun. I totaled up the investment in the gun including magazines, spare parts, ammo and carry accessories, and lets just say I could have bought an AR-15 by the time I was done. A nice one. Worth every penny in my eyes. I plan on getting an EDC pic in when everything is together.

mpe2010 12-01-2013 12:02 AM

Bought a Glock 19 OD frame for a pretty decent price from a place with a Black Friday sale. I hate the whole concept of Black Friday but I cant deny that theyre some good deals out there.

S&Wshooter 12-25-2013 03:22 PM

New grips

2 Korean AK mags for the SKS

Intrafuse stock for the SKS

Excalibur 02-06-2014 03:57 PM

I'm waiting for my Smith and Wesson M&P-15 Sport to show up. Very eager to try out this "budget" rifle.

Excalibur 02-11-2014 03:34 AM

And here is my new rifle.

AdAstra2009 03-18-2014 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by S&Wshooter (Post 40116)

yum, I have a hard on for the older S&W automatics after I bought my 3913.

S&Wshooter 03-18-2014 07:21 AM

I maed dis

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