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S&Wshooter 10-19-2022 01:55 AM


Originally Posted by MT2008 (Post 45488)
Last gun purchase before I move to the (sadly) unfree state of Maryland: I am now the proud owner of a nickel-plated West German-made SIG-Sauer P226, which has been on my collection list for many years now. It's also by far the most expensive handgun I've ever purchased, even more than my Steyr SPP (which I also bought this year), in part because I was in a bidding war with another buyer on GunBroker.

my little brother is about to be stuck in Maryland for a whole year to train as a merchant sailor and is slightly apprehensive about being gatless for a whole rotation around the sun. I am tempted to snag a LE trade-in .40 P226 and dropping a .357 barrel in it to have some Texas DPS Trooper magic hanging around; they would only switch from the venerable S&W Model 19 if it were to be replaced with something that'd zip through auto glass, and ended up with SIGs

MT2008 12-17-2022 12:49 AM

After all these years, I finally bought my first-ever 1911: A Para Ordnance P14-45. (And yes, in keeping with my collection theme: An older one made in the 1990s.)

S&Wshooter 01-13-2023 04:53 PM

I got a late 90's Mini-14 last month; I know it is objectively worse than even a budget AR in most ways, but I've always thought they were interesting and would be something I might be more motivated to actually go shoot than my Stag. Other than that, I got mags for it and a pair of OEM checkered walnut grips for my Beretta 84F, along with a pair of Shaw Concept ReUp bandoliers

Jcordell 03-16-2023 01:35 AM

Picked up a Model 59 at auction today. When it was all said and done, I paid $406.80. Serial number gives it a DOB circa 1977/78. Mechanically it's in good shape, no cracked frame and the bore is clean and shiny. No box so it's a shooter, but even then, it's in good shape. I'm not worried about the issues the Model 59 had back in the day since I bought it for historical interest rather than CCW or home-defense. I've been wanting a Model 52 ever since I picked up my Model 5944 a few years ago. I've learned that the first-generation Model 59 examples aren't as common as they used to be. Can't imagine why. It's only been 40 years since the Model 59 went out of production. Anyway, here it is with the Model 5944. First and third generation. Too many episodes of ''Starskey & Hutch" when I was a kid in the Seventies I suppose. :D

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