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2wingo 11-30-2013 04:39 AM

Custom Kimber Gold Combat II's in "The Expendables"
I recently came across an article ( that described the modifications done to Stallone's 1911s:

-24 LPI front strap checkering with border base.
-A high undercut trigger guard.
-30 LPI under trigger guard checkering.
-24 LPI flat top serrations on the slide
-Scalloped French shoulders blended the slide to frame.

Unfortunately, I'm not well-informed on gun modifications and have NO idea what any of this stuff means. Anybody feeling like explaining?

Yournamehere 11-30-2013 04:51 AM

LPI stands for lines per inch; it means how many lines the checking has every inch on any given part. The front strap and slide have 24 lines per inch for any given amount of checking they have, and the trigger guard has a finer 30.

If you look closely by the magazine release where the trigger guard and frame meet, you can see that it is cut straight in line with the trigger guard, rather than rounding down toward the front strap of the frame, as with traditional 1911s. This is the "high undercut trigger guard" although it isn't exactly "high", just uniform with the perpendicular contour of the trigger guard.

"Scalloped French Shoulders" is a fancy way of saying beveling; The bottom edge of the slide is beveled (angled) to meet with the frame, eliminating the sharp 90 degree corner from the side of the slide to the bottom of the slide rail. The only purpose this serves is to keep the sharp edge of the slide from cutting the shooters hand upon retracting, as well as general aesthetic.

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