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Yournamehere 01-28-2013 05:52 PM

Help with Letter to my Representatives.
Given the harsh political climate now in terms of firearms and the 2nd Amendment, and many respectable figures in the gun community coming forth and asking us to write to our respective reps, I have a rough draft of a letter that I want to send, but frankly I've never written to my reps before and I don't know how to put this letter together.

Have ave any of you guys written to your representatives? I'd really appreciate advice from some of you as this is a relatively educated and open minded yet tightly knit group of gun enthusiasts, and the elder of us may have some experience with this. If any of you guys have written anything, I'd really like to read it to get some more ideas as to what I should write. If you don't want to post it publicly, you can PM it to me and keep it private. If you don't wish to share it at all, that's your right, but any advice on what to put in or omit would be good too. Any credible statistical information with cited sources is definitely welcome.

SPEMack618 01-28-2013 06:10 PM

The guy who writes "No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money" posted this transcript of a letter on his blog. He says feel free to copy and paste it.

I wouldn't worry to much about great fact and statistics. All of these emails are read by an intern, who at the end of the day tallies up the pro- and anti- messages and delivers a report to the Congressional rep or his/her chief of staff.

The important thing is to write! And write like they vote in Chicago, early and often.

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