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MT2008 05-23-2020 12:20 AM

How does everyone take screencaps on streaming apps?

Quick question that's been bugging me for some time: Whenever I take to take screencaps on some of my streaming service apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime video, etc.) using my iPad, I just get black screenshots. It wasn't always this way (as recently as a year ago, in fact), but it's now the new normal.

Is anyone else having this problem? How are people taking screencaps? Is everyone only using their desktop/laptops, not mobile devices?

Excalibur 05-23-2020 03:57 AM

I've never taken screen caps off a tablet. Everything I've done is on my computer, though a lot of apps, when you pause will show the UI and I can't get rid of that. So for me, I press play a few seconds before the shot I wanted to cap and let the scene play out and the moment I see the gun, I cap it and then paste it onto paint.

funkychinaman 05-23-2020 04:13 AM

I've never tried using a portable device. I wrote out instructions in the Screencapping Guide a few years back.

Spartan198 05-23-2020 06:56 AM

And game consoles straight up don't allow screencapping from streaming apps or DVDs. Supposedly this is because people were pirating films by screencapping them one frame at a time (which must take an ungodly amount of time), but I've never found any direct proof of it.

Mazryonh 05-23-2020 03:38 PM

I'd love to help, but my pages are almost all from PC games that allow for screencapping either from the launcher or an external application. I don't understand why screencapping for purposes like the wiki isn't considered fair use by more of these companies.

MT2008 05-24-2020 11:10 PM

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I guess I'll just have to rely upon my laptop for screenshots.

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