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Excalibur 02-16-2016 02:52 AM

The Man in the High Castle
I just finished watching the first season and looking at the production, it seemed that they should have had more fictional alternative weapons to exist. It's nice to see what looks like Type 64s, MP5s and G3s as evolutionary advancements but they seemed to be kept way in the background compared to the more classic WWII guns, which I don't think would still be in use in the alternative 1962 when this show and the book taking place. The book told of how Germany technology left unchecked advanced where they now have achieved space travel.

I think it would sorta make more sense with Japan keeping older weapons since in our timeline, Japan was incredibly slow and stubborn in advancing weapons tech, but German was inventing new guns left and right. By the end of the war, they had assault rifles STG 44, self loading rifles that technically is more advanced than the Garand like the G43 and their SMG are technically better to manufacture than the US's Tommy gun which the Allies copied into STENs and Grease guns.

I think the present of MP5s in the show means that they should have used more of those guns than keeping MP40s for the occupational troops or G3s. It would be a much better contemporary image for the NAZI troops in America to have G3s as their main battle rifle alongside MP5s and the Japanese with their Type 64s.

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