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The Wierd It 10-18-2013 06:22 AM


Originally Posted by Spartan198 (Post 39703)
I have no idea who he is or what show he's in.

His name's Matt. He's from Death Note.

SPEMack618 10-22-2013 08:46 PM

I just called my Congressman and basically told him "that if you let the idiots in the blue suits get rid of the A-10, you are going to have a lot of pissed of Guardsmen in your district."

The Wierd It 10-22-2013 10:14 PM

All this because the DoD has a bloody stealth fetish.

SPEMack618 10-22-2013 10:25 PM

I'm telling you it is petty jealousy on behalf of the fighter mafia guys that run ACC.

They're mad that no one has had limitless MiGs to squander against there pointy nose fast movers and that the only platform to consistently get a real world mission are the Hawg drivers.

Evil Tim 10-23-2013 10:25 AM

Eh, there's issues with the A-10 sticking around if you're not planning to fight people with rusty Soviet castoffs forever; the GAU-8 isn't actually particularly useful against current gen tank armour and against any enemy with fighter cover or a decent supply of MANPADS it's going to be completely useless. I'd agree that the F-35 isn't a decent replacement, but I don't think the Air Force wants to spring for a current-gen A-10 replacement with composite armour and a railgun or something so they're hoping to do everything with JDAMs. Plus everyone is scared of proliferation of the current generation of Russian SAMs and I think they're trying to focus on aircraft that can deal with S-300.

SPEMack618 10-23-2013 01:57 PM

And see there in lies my beef with big blue.

The A-10 and the Predator or the two platforms that reliably supported us on the ground.

Instead of pumping billions into the stealth program, how about pumping millions into an ECM pod to hang off the Hawg so it can continue to loiter if we ever do go to war against an enemy with an IADN.

I swear the USAF just refuses to support any sort of CAS endeavor fully.

The Wierd It 10-23-2013 03:58 PM

They're also gutting AMC because it's not stealth.

SPEMack618 10-23-2013 04:12 PM

And once again AMC has a far more pressing real world mission than that of the Stealth drivers in ACC

The Wierd It 10-23-2013 10:21 PM

Plus no-one told them that AMC is kind of a little bit vital for the Stealth Jockeys to pretend to be doing things. Since without it there's no AAR or spare parts delivery.

The Wierd It 10-24-2013 07:11 PM

Also, what does the Marine Corps brass consider to be of vital importance in this age of austerity and slashed budgets?

Spend $8 Million to buy everyone new dress covers in order to be "gender neutral".

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