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S&Wshooter 02-09-2015 03:31 AM

The best feeling in the world is peeling all your safety gear off and sitting down after 12 hours in a freezing cold chemical plant

S&Wshooter 02-22-2015 12:07 AM

Spread this link far and wide, let's spam everyone with these faxes

SPEMack618 02-24-2015 09:25 PM

You know what would be cool to do a gritty reboot of?

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and Katy and the Big Snow

SPEMack618 03-05-2015 06:20 PM

I posted on facebook about the demise of the Ruger Red Label.

I lamented how America was once again without a domesticly made O/U shotgun of good quality.

I further jokingly added that my gun snob meter just went a little higher.

And then a kid who's friend my little sister said I need to get a Stoeger.

And I couldn't decided if he was being serious or expertly trolling. :confused:

Zulu Two Six 03-19-2015 01:11 AM

Well it has been awhile.

Spartan198 04-19-2015 07:50 AM

Visited a museum in a neighboring town the day before yesterday and they had quite a few firearms on display, including an M1903A1, Krag-Jorgenson, Colt Dragoon, Remington Rolling Block, and Sharps and Spencer carbines, among others. The 1903 was much shorter than I expected it to be.

Swordfish941 04-30-2015 03:49 PM

Speaking of cats and cheeseburgers, my cat once tried to eat a cheeseburger a brought home from work (I work at Culber's, and they give me an employee discount for food).

S&Wshooter 05-05-2015 03:02 PM

Am going to try to get my CCL soon, might end up with just my 459 for a while because probably won't be able to afford much else. Old School Operator as fuck :cool: (I'll probably wish I'd had a 659 afterwards, though)

Kinda sorta want a Shield, but I'd probably be better off with a 3913 or something. Was going to initially go with my 6906, but I done sold it to pay for my textbooks

Swordfish941 05-08-2015 01:38 AM

I passed both of my community college courses this semester! Now I can just kick back and relax for the next few weeks.

ANd my little brother is being an asshole and saying that community colleges aren't real colleges.

Swordfish941 05-25-2015 06:05 PM

If only Charlie Bronson did THIS to the asshole rapists in the Death Wish movies:

Also, it's nice to know what happened to Pumaman's mentor.

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