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Nyles 01-19-2011 11:08 PM

New gun pictures
I just received the US Springfield Model 1861 rifle-musket I purchased before Christmas (mail gets slooooow in December). It was made in 1863 by the Norwich Arms Company, which was the biggest civilian contractor for Springfield rifles during the Civil War (with the possible exception of Colt, who didn't actually build them to standard - but that's another story). Very nice, and in original condition with original bayonet - which makes a pretty impressive setup when you put it all together!

Nyles 01-19-2011 11:14 PM

I also purchased this British Enfield revolver in .476 Enfield, made in 1884. A very unusual and impractical design - it has to be loaded one round at a time through the loading gate, and then broken open to eject the empties - which even in it's original manual acknowledged was unreliable. It's really neat though, used by the British Army from 1880 - 1887, including during the Second Anglo-Afghan War, and by the Canadian North West Mounted Police (the famous Mounties) from 1883 - 1905. I'm doing a little research, as it's possible mine is a NWMP gun from the second contract.

ManiacallyChallenged 01-21-2011 02:11 AM

Something about impractical guns makes them desirable as collectors items. That is one cool revolver.

Jcordell 01-21-2011 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by ManiacallyChallenged (Post 24525)
Something about impractical guns makes them desirable as collectors items. That is one cool revolver.

I agree. For example I've always been a fan of the Mauser C96 Broomhandle. I've actually fired one and that is one pistol that is not comfortable to shoot. It does work better with the rifle stock attached. Plus it's balance is odd. But it's still a very cool handgun.

Nyles 01-23-2011 03:02 PM

So I managed to look up the serial number and confirm that my Enfield actually was issued to the North West Mounted Police around the time of Louis Riel's North West Rebellion in 1885. Which makes it a great piece of Canadiana and worth a pretty good premium over what I paid! I'm really more excited about the history than the value, of course, but still, it turned out to be a great purchase no matter how you slice it.

Nyles 01-24-2011 05:00 AM

By the way Checkman, I definately have to agree with you. The C/96 is a very cool gun, but it is profoundly unpleasant to shoot.

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