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Excalibur 01-05-2012 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by k9870 (Post 33781)
isn't my house i just live here, i cant control who comes in, even if its hidden i dont want someone to find it and do something stupid. besides theres enough doors between my front entranc eand my room to chamber a round, i shoot better SA anyway too.

Then I hope you are a light sleeper and can realize something is wrong the moment you wake up, wipe the groggy out of your eyes, fight fatigue, grab your gun, have enough strength to rack the slide back to chamber a round and then aim. I can understand if you want to keep your gun unloaded and away when it is the day time and with people walking around your own room but at night, I think differently, but hey, it's your life. I'm just making suggestions

k9870 01-06-2012 02:40 AM

im on the second floor and have a dog. more than enough time, and my house is small enough to hit with my cz

Evil Tim 02-09-2012 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by k9870 (Post 33775)
If you see a weapon or they are close enough to hurt you shoot, dont just open fire. Killing someone is a whole mess of legal problems not to mention the emotional toll. If im in a position to end a confrontation without lethal force im going to.

The main problem there is the maxim "never point a gun at anything you are not prepared to shoot." You must be fully mentally and physically prepared to pull the trigger as soon as you point a gun at another human being. Just waving it at him is as likely to make him try to jump you before you shoot as it is to make him run away with his tail between his legs.

This doesn't mean shoot first and ask questions later, but if you draw a weapon without backing it up with the will to use it, you might as well just toss the gun to the bad guy since that's how the situation will end up. That applies to any weapon you might try to use; you can't risk someone calling your bluff, so make sure you aren't bluffing.

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