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MT2008 12-29-2019 09:02 PM

Here's my new BCM rifle:

Here are some close-ups of the new BCM MK2 upper receiver, which I mentioned in my previous post. The main differences between this upper and the standard mil-spec flattop uppers is that it has a built-up portion on the left side, more material around the ejection port, and a shorter forward assist - supposedly, it's stronger than a standard upper, but weighs about the same.

Excalibur 01-04-2020 01:28 AM

Getting closer to my first AK purchase. I'm getting a Krink style

Jcordell 01-18-2020 08:55 PM

The new Python. No it isn't the same as the old one and it never will be. I own several older Colt DA revolvers to include an early Colt 3-5-7 (mine was manufactured in 1955), which is the Python minus the famous fluted barrel and Royal Blue finish. I'm okay with a new one that looks like it's ancestor, but is a product of modern engineering and technology.

There have been a few glitches with the first new Pythons to be sent out by Colt. The Colt haters are all over it, but I suspect that the first 1,000 were sent out as a type of testing. What nobody is talking about is that Colt has been contacted and will make good the necessary corrections. One of the reasons why I don't buy a new gun until it's has time to be rung out by others. Funny how the critics are forgetting the troubles that Ruger (P85), Smith & Wesson (586/686), Kimber and Glock (Gen 4 or Gen 5....I can't remember which iteration) all had at the beginning as well. Of course $1,499 is a hefty price and people aren't wrong to expect perfection. Also, Colt has done much over the past thirty-five years to earn such bad feelings. Regardless I have sold a couple guns and I have the money to purchase one. I'm hoping that by this summer I'll be able to get hold of one and the mechanical issues will have been worked out.

I'll be looking to see if Colt addresses the mechanical glitches (cylinder not revolving and nick and dings at the muzzle) at the SHOT show. I'll also be paying attention to what happens over the next few months. If it continues to be a problem then I suppose I'll buy something else. Hopefully Colt will have a lasting fix.

S&Wshooter 03-08-2020 05:36 AM

Model 29 or 629 soon maybe, a family friend is downsizing and I'm going to go give their stuff a look

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