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Nyles 05-20-2010 09:52 PM

Well, the first of the guns I bought overseas arrived yesterday. An Austo-Hungarian Roth-Steyr 1907 in 8 x 19mm, made by Steyr in 1909. Very neat gun, it has a 10 round internal magazine loaded by clip from the top (like a Mauser Broomhandle) and a semi-cocked striker trigger mechanism not at all dissimilar from a Glock.

This one is regimentally marked to the 10th Dragoon regiment (Dragonerregiment Fürst von Liechtenstein Nr.10), garrisoned in Krakow and serving (actually in a mounted role) on the Russian front until 1917.

S&Wshooter 05-20-2010 10:31 PM

Nice. I hope you get the rest of your guns soon

AdAstra2009 05-21-2010 12:51 AM

Nice weapon, I'd be interested in seeing it fired.

Nyles 05-21-2010 07:02 PM

So would I, but 8 x 19mm ammo and espescially the clips are about as rare as rocking horse poop, so I'm not holding my breath on it in the short term.

S&Wshooter 05-21-2010 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by Nyles (Post 13761)
So would I, but 8 x 19mm ammo and espescially the clips are about as rare as rocking horse poop, so I'm not holding my breath on it in the short term.

That's a damn shame. It'd drive me crazy if I had a gun I couldn't shoot

Nyles 05-22-2010 08:01 PM

My Artillery Luger (Properly Luger Lange Pistole 08) and schneckl trommel magazine arrived yesterday, and it's a beauty. Every single part is serial numbered, and every number but the magazine matches.

Jcordell 05-22-2010 08:43 PM

Nice. I've always liked the look of the Model 1907. And of course what can I say about the Artillery Luger that hasn't been said in the past? Did you purchase these from dealers in Asia? I guess I'm not real clear on that. I know that one can find some great collector pieces in Pakistan. Very nice.

Nyles 05-22-2010 09:22 PM

No, I bought them from various dealers / collectors in Canada via the internet. Didn't have much to do with my off time over there so I prowled my various online gun haunts and found some good deals. More on the way yet I'll post as they arrive. They don't let locals bring weapons into the base bazaar anymore, both for security reasons and they were starting to remark all their guns with antique dates so they could sell them. It was turning into a legal nightmare.

Oh, and you might be able to tell from comparing the two sets of pictures, but I also bought a new camera.

Nyles 06-02-2010 11:32 PM

4 more arrived yesterday. It was a good day.

First was a Boer Mauser M1896 in 7 x 57mm Mauser made by Ludwig Loewe. This is one of the one's made for the ZAR (South Africa Republic, aka the Transvaal), one of the two Boer Republics which had a militia system where farmers were issued a rifle by the government, but provided their own horse and formed commandos where they elected their own officers. As they were natural bushmen and marksman, they proved very effective during the Boer War, espescially as the Mausers shot further and flatter than the British Lee-Enfields. As the rifles were an individual Boer's personal property, many of them carved their names into the butt with varying degrees of skill, this one just has the owner's initials.

Next was a Canadian-issued Snider-Enfield Mk.I* in .577 Snider, which was coverted from a P53 Enfield made in 1960. The Canada was actually one of the first users of Snider rifles, buying 30,000 in 1867 in response to the Fenian Raids of 1866. And then, in true Canadian fasion, the government decided they had to much invested in the Sniders and refused to purchase enough Martini-Henrys to arm the militia when it came out 1873, and we ended using them until the turn of the century.

I also got a 5-shot 2nd Model Gasser Montenegrin revolver in 11.75 x 36mm Gasser. In 1874, the king of Montenegro, which also had a militia system, decreed that each of his subjects would own a Gasser-pattern revolver (coincidentally, he owned stock in the Gasser factory). The original Gasser Montenegrin was solid-frame with a loading gate and pivoting ejector rod (so it could be carried stuck through the belt in the Balkan fasion), but the second model was a Pryse-stye break-action. However, Gassers were expensive, so alot of Belgian companies made copies to undercut the price as the decree only said Gasser-pattern. The 11.75 x 36mm was the most powerful revolver round of its era, and the case is actually both longer and fatter than a .44 Magnum.

Lastly I got an Austrian-army Steyr 1912 in 9 x 23mm Steyr, made at Steyr in 1918. This one also has post-WW1 Czech reissue marks and unit marks, so it's a pretty neat gun. Unfortunately it's in somewhat rough shape - the pitting I can live with, but someone cut off the ends of the slide-locking wedge so I'll definately need to find a replacement for that.

Jcordell 06-03-2010 01:37 AM

I like that Hawg Leg. Like something out of the novel Prisoner of Zenda . Wow. Do you have any 11.75 x 36mm ammo? Do you plan on firing it? Is it safe to shoot or is it now more of a decorative piece?

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