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1morey 01-20-2013 12:13 AM

Handgun Recommendations
Ok, I am only 19, but I have been looking at various handguns lately, because I am looking to get a concealed carry permit once I turn 21.

Basically this is what I am looking for:

1. Pistol
2. In terms of a worst case scenario, running empty will not be a problem
3. Something that has stopping power but is no bigger than a .357
4. Reliable
5. When I hold it, it will feel comfortable (which I realize is user preference)
6. Something that is not too big, but not too small
7. Affordable

Can anybody give me any recommendations?

funkychinaman 01-20-2013 01:05 AM

Glock 19?

(character minimum)

k9870 01-20-2013 02:23 AM

I have a g19 for carry but a cz75 if its carried openly, both are awesome. I prefer 9mm guns due to cartidge price and avalibility.

SPEMack618 01-20-2013 02:55 AM

As big of a fan of the .45 ACP and 10mm I am, in today's economy and in today's world of premium defensive ammo, there is no real reason not to use a 9mm.

The Glock 19 being a good starter gun.

predator20 01-20-2013 03:33 AM

What's your price range? All steel or polymer frame? What's your experience with guns? While the G19 is a great all around pistol, it's not very forgiving to mishandling. While the learning curve is short, it's not for the inexperienced in my opinion.

I always recommend something that's DA/SA first. Something like a SIG P228 has a decocker only, so no safeties to deal with, plenty of ones with slide mounted safeties like the S&W 6900 series etc if you're into that. The heavy DA pull on the first shot will keep you from making a boo boo.

If at all possible, find a gun range that rents them and try a variety out.

Jcordell 01-20-2013 03:55 AM

Yes rent a few and try them out. Also take a basic pistol class if at all possible. The NRA has some excellent classes available for a reasonable cost. The basic pistol class is (I believe) just one day long, but will teach you quite a few things.

I would stay away from the 1911 pistols. The G19 is a good one, but get some training or instruction from somebody who is experienced with handguns.

SPEMack618 01-20-2013 04:00 AM

I dislike the SA/DA style pistols for a new shooter simply because there is an excess of controls to learn for a beginning shooter. Just my opinion.

Jcordell 01-20-2013 04:06 AM

Ruger, Glock. Beretta, S&W and Sig all make good pistols in 9mm that are reliable, accurate and easy to operate with simple manual of arms. Once again stay away from the 1911 pistols until you get more experienced.

SPEMack618 01-20-2013 04:10 AM

I forgot about Ruger.....I had an ex-girlfriend who purchased an SR9C and was totally happy about it. As was I. Good gun.

Made in America, too.

Jcordell 01-20-2013 04:34 AM

For what it is worth my duty piece is Glock 19 and I carry a Glock 26 as my off-duty piece. I also carry a S&W Model 49 Bodyguard revolver as my backup, but I understand you don't want a revolver.

When our department switched to Glock (G21 & G19) the transition was very easy. I'm a firearm instructor with my agency. Many cops are not gun people and the Glock was a simple system to teach. Many of them saw their qualification scores improve as well with the GLock pistol. We haven't had any accidental discharges.

Excalibur 01-20-2013 05:02 AM

I've really been thinking about trading my XDM compact for a Glock 19

Jcordell 01-20-2013 06:10 AM

I like it. It isn't the end all and be all of handguns, but it's reliable, pretty snag free, simple to operate and maintain and accurate. No the trigger isn't ideal and it doesn't have Olympic quality accuracy, but it's more than enough for what it's designed to be. It's a good design and meets my needs. I'm thinking about getting a Gen 4, but I am also content with my Gen 3 models and with the gun buying frenzy going on I'm thinking I'll just stay with what I've got.

Anyway I know there are many good designs out there and some of the newer ones are better in some aspects. But I'm familiar with the Glock. I shoot it well and I trust it. So I'll stick with it. Same reason why you still can find the ocassional grey-haired old cop still carrying a S&W Model 10 revolver. Because he knows it can shoot it and trusts it.

Excalibur 01-20-2013 06:30 AM

The only real think I like about the Gen 4 Glocks is the enlarged mag release button. I like it over the previous models.

commando552 01-20-2013 10:50 AM

1morey, just to clarify do you want an automatic or a revolver? You comment about not wanting anything above a .357 made me wonder. If you are looking for a revolver, how about a Ruger SP101.

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