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Jcordell 11-15-2021 07:13 PM

Steyr-Hahn Model 1912
Purchased a Steyr-Hahn 1912 a couple weeks ago in an auction. Paid $550 (USD). My version is an armorer special. The lower receiver and slide assembly have different serial numbers, but the springs appear to be new, the extractor isn't broken, the barrel is very clean and it fired 20 rounds of 9mm Steyr without a hitch. Two full boxes of Fiochi 9mm Steyr (50 rds in a box) and a stripper clip came with the gun. It looks awkward, but it's surprisingly ergonomically designed pistol. Recoil is very manageable and the stripper clip works pretty smoothly. I won't be shooting it very often, but I don't collect the old-timers to use for everyday CCW or plinking. I have plenty of more modern handguns for that. Just wanted to share.[/quote]

funkychinaman 11-15-2021 07:33 PM

I'm guessing there aren't a lot of defensive loads for 9mm Steyr either.

Nyles 11-15-2021 10:44 PM

Very nice, super underappreciated pistols. If they had a detachable mag I think they’d get a lot more attention. I’ve seen a bunch with an EPed serial like that so it must have been done in an arsenal somewhere.

Jcordell 11-16-2021 03:27 AM


Originally Posted by funkychinaman (Post 45364)
I'm guessing there aren't a lot of defensive loads for 9mm Steyr either.

No not at all. Nothing but hard ball. In terms of ballistics the 9mm Steyr is darn close to the 124 grain 9mm FMJ though.

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