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Jcordell 11-25-2015 12:51 AM

My grandfather flew bombers. He started with a brand-new S&W M&P with a 5" barrel. That was issued to him in April 1941 shortly after he was activated (about a million men were called up in 1940-41 - before Pearl Harbor). In 1944 shortly after he arrived in the Pacific he traded a Marine Corp captain his M&P for the Marine's 1911A1. The Marine hated the 1911 and had been trying for awhile to get a 38 Special revolver from the Corp with no successes. So grandpa traded him. It was a different time. When he was out-processing in March of 46 he was asked if he wanted to buy the 1911A1. Even though there was no record of it being issued to him. Grandpa was a Major by then. He said sure. He paid $15.00 for it. He never fired it, but being an engineer he took care of it. He passed on July 1, 2013 and the Colt went to me and my dad. Is it wrong for me to have wished that he had held onto the S&W instead? Sorry grandpa. :o

SPEMack618 12-11-2015 05:14 PM

Dad had a USAF marked Combat Masterpiece that he wore in a locally made shoulder holster in SEA. He also wore a M-1911A1 in the issued flap holster as an impromptu groin protector.

The -1911A1 came home with him. The Combat Masterpiece was handed over to one of the replacement crew chiefs when he rotated state side.

Dang it Dad!:p

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