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AdAstra2009 06-02-2009 01:57 AM

This page is crap
Most of the guns on there are fictional and I keep on removing them (Example "Dragon & Superdragon) are claimed to be the G36 which they have no resemblance to and are fabrications.
There is also a Magazine fed grenade launcher that is listed as the AG-36.
He also claims that the "Falcon 2" is a AMT Hardballer just because the Scope looks like the laserlock sight from terminator even though it resembles the Colt Double Eagle much more.
There are a ton out there.

I keep on trying to fix the page but some guy "Dongs" keeps on undoing my revisions everytime I try to fix it.

Not to mention the page sounds like it was written by a 12 year old with sentences like

It's called MagSec 4 in the game. It's a modified Beretta M93R. It shoots a 3 round burst for an alternate fire mode.
Also literally half the "guns" on there are Alien phaser guns or something

Rockwolf66 06-02-2009 03:09 AM


Also literally half the "guns" on there are Alien phaser guns or something
Not anymore. I deleated all of the purly fictional content and I do belive that the 007: Goldeneye page does say that such and such a gun is also found in Perfect Dark so I deleated those enties as well.
I don't want to vandalize the page but you are right it was crap.

ManiacallyChallenged 06-02-2009 03:13 AM

Oh thank god. I just noticed it had been really screwed up, so glad that's taken care of.

I mean, come on. Hardballer? HONESTLY?

"It's a Hardballer longslide. Without the longslide."

Excalibur 06-02-2009 05:56 PM

Yes this page is crap and it should be deleted

Spartan198 06-02-2009 05:57 PM

Yeah, I concur. Let's delete this rubbish.

Gunmaster45 06-02-2009 07:24 PM

I just deleted the page.

ManiacallyChallenged 06-02-2009 11:27 PM

If I get time I can try to rebuild it to our sites standards.
Ya know, the standards that require it to be accurate. And contain pictures of guns, not alien phasers.

Excalibur 06-03-2009 02:39 AM

Well, most of the guns in Perfect Dark didn't look like real guns to begin with

AdAstra2009 06-03-2009 03:13 AM

Well there were a few.
The Falcon 2, Sniper Rifle, CMP-150, Dy-357, and AR-34 were exact duplicates of real world weaponry.

Gunmaster45 06-03-2009 04:28 AM

I don't think the page should be restored at all. It was for the N64 like a 100 years ago and only a few guns out of many are real based models? No, not needed. At least, not until far more important pages are made. There are better uses for the manpower than wasting time making that page.

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